Decoda 1.13

Внимание! Этот документ ещё не опубликован.


Вышла новая версия отличного дебаггера для Lua :)


Here's the change list for Decoda 1.13:

Added support for displaying classes created with luabind in the Watch window
Added work-around for lack of C call return hooks in LuaJIT 2.0
Added the ability for applications to optionally return a "class" name from __towatch
Changed the debugger to automatically show the calling Lua line when a C function generates an error with lua_error/luaL_error
Fixed displaying of UTF8 data in the watch window
Fixed deadlock when inspecting loaded DLLs in some applications
Fixed bug where the registration key would not be remembered on some computers
Fixed occasional crash bug when deleting items in the Watch window
Fixed bug where additional memory would be used every time luaL_newmetatable was called, even if the metatable already existed

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15 мая 2010