Epic Games выпустила сентябрьское обновление Unreal Development Kit (UDK)


Epic Games выпустила очередное обновление Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

* UDK games can now run on Mac OS
* Every UDK game's potential user base has increased dramatically yet again

* September 2011 UDK contains a preview of our Mac OS support

* Two new tools, individual instance selection and paint selection, have been added to the foliage edit mode
* Selected instances can be moved, rotated and scaled with the widget, and also snapped to the floor, deleted and cloned with ALT-drag
* Foliage random yaw is now an optional setting to support camera-facing foliage sprites
* Fixed foliage painting behavior with very small brush sizes

* Decals now scale correctly when placed
* Added texture import option for inverting green channel
* Slightly increased the size limit of files when importing to 4096x4096x32
* New button can remove all notifies from an anim set
* Added editor comments for AnimNotifies
* UnrealConsole now has text color coding for warnings and errors
* New ambient sound spline actors emit sounds along paths for adding noise to rivers, roadways, etc. with a single actor

September 2011 UDK Beta (1.5 GB .exe)
MD5 43b8ee60d152f9afbb7dd6807f912d1b


25 сентября 2011