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My name is Alina, I am Project Manager in Optimus IT (Zaporozhye). I am working at my company not so long, and it's the first time when I am a Project Manager.

I have a team of Unity3d developers who are experienced, organized, talented, skillful. I can enumerate their advantages all day. I want to be so useful as they are, so I am looking for the best projects.

We have devices for AR/VR projects.

I've attached my CV and CV of Unity3d developer (one from the team).

You may check our website and some projects:

We are directed on the remote position.

I can assure that we will give you the result as every of your office employee.

I hope you will be interested in our cooperation.

I am available to communicate with you via skype / viber or any other preferable way for you.

Looking forward your reply.

With due respect,
Alina Simutina

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