Silent Hill 4 (9 min trailer)

2:35, 16 мая 2004

Silent Hill 4 (9 minute long trailer!)


> - First, go here, and enter the flash site: http://www.konamityo.com/sh4/

> - After the intro (you're not missing much by skipping it) click "site navigation" on the bottom bar.

> - Click the square labeled "M"

> - Click "E3 trailer" and watch the short clip from the trailer...after this, the flash movie window will prompt you with a link for you to download the entire trailer. (Get the 80 meg version, obviously.)

> After you do all this, you will enjoy a shape most wondrously strange.

Ничего что по англицки? Некогда переводить :) Уж извините.

13:26, 16 мая 2004

Кто скачал?


Тема в архиве.