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ShaderWorks XT доступен к скачиванию. (комментарии)

8:09, 17 авг 2007

ShaderWorks XT доступен к скачиванию. (комментарии)

Это сообщение сгенерировано автоматически.

9:29, 17 авг 2007

И как его скачать?

9:32, 17 авг 2007

что-то и у меня не вышло (

11:29, 17 авг 2007

Этот сайт доступен оч давно, а вот скачать никогда не удавалось. Когда-то (пару лет назад) там висела надпись, что бета-тест закончен, поэтому скачать нельзя (или что-то в этом духе), а теперь просто нету ссылки. Если кто скачал, плз, выложите.

12:09, 17 авг 2007

ShaderWorks Status

                March 11, 2005

                Dear ShaderWorks Users,

                I am pleased to announce that Activision, a leading international publisher of interactive games, with head-quarters in Santa Monica, CA, have recently acquired full rights to ShaderWorks as of March 20, 2005. I am also proud to have joined Activision's amazing team of game developers as Technical Director, Tools and will continue my work on a next generation ( in-house ) version of ShaderWorks for use in development of future Activision titles.

                Please note: ShaderWorks XT Alpha 1.0 download will no longer be available as of today.

                I want to thank everyone who followed the progress of ShaderWorks during its development and apologize to those who were awaiting a final release which I had promised more than once. I would have truly loved to have kept the project publicly available and in full development but the truth is, I was continuously unable to obtain any corporate backing from some of the major software / hardware companies in the industry. Yes, you know who you are :)

                I am however very pleased that Activision took over the project. They were extremely upfront about their interest in ShaderWorks and negotiations were surprisingly "painless". On that note, I definitely recommend dealing and / or working with Activision if ever given the chance as in my personal experience, the people have been extremely friendly and so far, Activision has definitely been a great place to work...

                If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me directly at .


Шадер воркс есть в емуле

14:56, 17 авг 2007

И от какого числа там версия? :) А Activision где-нить публиковала ее?

15:59, 17 авг 2007

2005 год, естественно активижн не публиковала

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