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Постоянно задаваемые вопросы по авторскому праву. (комментарии) (14 стр)

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16:08, 12 ноя. 2009

Подскажите кто знает. Есть лицензия от "Evermotion products"
Могу ли я, по их лицензии, использовать отрендеренные 2D изображения их моделей в коммерческом продукте?
Уже видел их модели в других играх, но немного перекрашеные.

License Agreement for the end-user of Evermotion products

By using or distributing Archmodels, Archinteriors, Archexteriors,  Archshaders, Textures4ever, HDmodels, 3Dpeople (hereinafter referred as an  "Evermotion Products") you shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and  conditions set out below.

Evermotion s.c. grants you a limited license to use Evermotion Products for any purpose, including commercial use and redistribute it freely, subject to  the following restrictions:

1.      You can not resell or copy Evermotion Products (used in your project)  for a third-part, which is not having own license for Evermotion Products.

2.      You can use Evermotion Products as a part of a game, if the  products are contained inside a proprietary format and displays inside the game during play. In this case, you have to add in the producer's section the information that "models come from Evermotion".

3.      You can sell/resell rendered moving or still images, resold as a part of a feature film, movie advertisement etc.

4.      You have possibility to publish your renders in a book, on a poster,  t-shirt or any other item.

5.      You have the right to use your renders in every way - charge a fee for them, modify them, to make postproduction, etc.

This license is governed by and construed in accordance with the law of Poland, and you agreed to submit it to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Polish courts. You must accept the agreement to be able to use Evermotion Products.

Страницы: 19 10 11 12 13 14
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