UE4 Gameplay Programmer Belarus - VALHALL

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Blackrose Arts - независимая команда, разрабатывающая ожидаемый ПК слешер VALHALL.

Ищем опытного геймплей программиста резидента Беларуси для работы над боевой системой, ИИ, режимами и другими элементами геймплея. Предлагаем фултайм, удаленная работа.

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Gameplay Programmer:

• Implement diverse gameplay features, especially connected with melee combat (swords, axes, etc.).
• Implement different game modes.
• Develop AI logic.
• Work closely with network aspects and networking programmer.
• Implement ready animations, sounds, and visual effects in the game engine. Work on their optimization in engine.
• Collaborate with team members of various disciplines to review proposed features and develop those features from definition to testing.
• Write the technical documentation that will allow other teammates to understand how to use these systems.
• Debug and correct issues identified by peers.
• Contribute ideas on all aspects of game production and development.

We’re looking for someone who has:

• Deep C++ & Blueprint knowledge.
• UE4 experience.
• Technical English.
• Ability to understand gameplay systems and concepts.
• Debugging skills.
• Attention to detail.
• A positive attitude and a sense of humor.
• Ability to adapt to change.
• Results-oriented mindset.
• A desire to learn, share, and grow with us.
• A love for games! Especially multiplayer competitive (PvP) games, Action and RPG.

Our Benefits:

• Flexible working hours.
• Friendly and positive atmosphere.
• Opportunity to join a team that only at the beginning of the journey and become one of the core team members.
• Influence on the game by sharing your thoughts and ideas.
• Work on already anticipated project in the independent team.

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