Sony Computer Entertainment Europe требуется программист

15:58, 9 сен. 2005

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's "Technology Group" provides a range of services (technical support, software development and consultancy) that support the development of PlayStation products by both SCEE and its third party partners throughout Europe and Australasia.

Job Specification

Title: Developer Support Engineer
Department: SCEE Technology Group
Location: Central London

Job Summary:
The position involves acting as an engineering expert for providing direct support to developers throughout Europe and Australasia. The candidate will work with multiple platforms to give technical advice via our dedicated developer website and newsgroups, technical training and create sample code to clarify techniques. The candidate will also work very closely with other groups within SCEE such as Quality Assurance and Third Party Relations departments.

Personal Skills:
This person will need to be a strong team player, but can act independently and proactively. He/she should be quick to learn new skills, be eager to embrace new challenges and to travel (mainly within Europe) from time to time.

Technical Skills:
    * The following skills/experience are necessary:
          o Demonstrable C/C++ skills and structured programming techniques (2+ years)
          o Excellent verbal and written communication skills
          o Strong problem solving skills
          o Fluent in English
    * The following skills/qualifications are highly advantageous:
          o Computer Science or Engineering Degree - 1st or 2:1 or further post graduate qualifications
          o Knowledge of MIPS assembler or any other low level programming language
          o PSOne or PlayStation® 2 games development background or any other console development
          o Interest in computer games
          o Bilingual or Multilingual

web: http://www.technology.scee.net/sceesite/dev_supp_engineer.html

16:04, 9 сен. 2005

Не пугайтесь требований, возможно возмем только-что закончившего Университет студента. Для граждан России могут возникнуть проблемы с получением разрешения на работу (мы конечно же поможем). Гражданам же Латвии, Литвы ничего этого не надо.

17:37, 9 сен. 2005

Зарплата от 22.5 тысяч фунтов в год.


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