Mobile 3D Engine Developer - Video/Audio Codec application

17:34, 29 мая 2005

Dear friend,

Our Company Gom Co. is specializing in a development of software for mobile phone.
Currently we are looking for 3 persons for the positions of

Mobile 3D Engine Developer

* Required Skills:
- Mobile 3D engine development
- Embedded system
- OpenGL
- 3D graphics regarding mobile (It is not necessary required)
- CDMA, GSM phone s/w application (It is not necessary required)
- Up-date development and debugging of mobile 3D engine based on OpenGL made by Company

* Experience – over 3 y

  • Lunch & air a round ticket & accommodation by company
  • Working place: Seoul, Korea
  • Working days: 5 days a week
  • Salary: over $2,200/m
  • Contact person: Victor, email
  • http://free.hostdepartment.com/h/h4pr/SOUTH-KOREA.html

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