Programmer position in a game development team

12:50, 30 авг. 2006

Neborakovsky Rostislav
50081, 5 Zarichnij 10/22
Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
+(380) 97 485 55 65

Language Turbo C; Borland C++; C++ Builder; Visual C++; Visual Basic; VBA; Java
Application MS Excel; Matcad; MatLab MS Word; PhotoShop
Operation system MS Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP; MS DOS
Database system MS SQL Server; MS Access; Oracle; InterBase; FoxPro; BpWin; ErWin
Standards IDEF0; IDEF1; IDEf1x; UML(basic); Rational Rose(basic)

European University of Finance, Information system, Management and Business, Kyiv 2004
Major: informatical managing system and technologies
Minor: engineer of technic-systemic

The special English courses (Sept. 1997 – April 1998)
The course "Computer technology" 8 City grammar school (1998-1999)
The candidate for full members of the Small Academy of sciences of the European university (April 20 2001)

Open join-stock company "Mittal Stil Krivoy Rog", programmer 3 cat.
June ‘06– present
•  Development the application in the environment Oracle developer
Designed software:
•  Take part in nonprofit project of the development of the slider for games
Environment: Windows XP, MS Office, C++ Builder; Visual C++; Oracle, Oracle developer
The additional information
Occupation at free time: Information technologies, active rest, sport

С  5 years
С++  3 years
C++ Builder  2 years
Visual C++  1 year
UML  Initial level
Rational Rose  Initial level
3dsMax  Initial level


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