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Ищем художника. M.A.X. Touch (Turn-Based Strategy, ios/android/mac/windows) (4 стр)

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1:42, 23 мар. 2017

UPDATE! (v.8.0 beta 4):




Mac OSX:

Hi. There are still some some minor things to fix but I believe we can try to test new version on M.A.X.

Main improvement is REPLAYS.

When you will see the replay?
- In hotseat game: If you will exit right after starting new turn (without saving the game manually - game will be saved automatically) and load this game - you will be able to see replay of last turn. Some actions may be hidden, some - in your radar range.
- In multiplayer game: Basically - same. When you play with someone and the game starts your turn you can load this game and you will see replay of last turn.

Last turn is a time interval starting at your last action on previous turn - when you actually finished your turn - to the last action of player ahead of you. You will start your turn right after replay ends.

In multiplayer game you have 2 additional options (press 3 dots button on game info screen): you can force watch replay or force to play without watching replay - use this functions if you want to watch replay once again or you think you faced a bug and want to load last control point immediately .

You will see small replay control panel. Its functions are ordinary: Event tracking, Play/Pause, Speed control and Skip. If Event tracking is on - camera will move to each new action in your visible range. Play/Pause and Speed control do exactly what you think. Skip button will move you to the last control point immediately.

Bugs may occurs. We have performed a lot of tests but replay system is very fragile - any inconsistent action will lead to full game inconsistency. So please test it carefully - replay should do exact the same things and in the same order as it was in the game. So please pay attention here and report any suspicious thing.

Also there are some improvements in UI, some memory leak fixes and a lot of other small fixes and improvements.

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0:11, 1 сен. 2017

Дело потихоньку движется. Есть скриптовый туториал. Также работаю над ии.

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(Правка: 18:40) 18:40, 27 мар. 2019

Дело потихоньку движется. ИИ есть, пишется новая графика, нужен иллюстратор

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13:53, 21 янв. 2020

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