[EN] Looking for a team member. (Coder)

18:22, 4 мая 2015

Hello everyone!

[This post is only intended for people who are able/willing to communicate in English. If you trust in your communication skills and interested in working for a globally targeted English project; read on!]

The Project

Genre: 2D Top-down/Action/RPG
Style: Low-Res / Lo-Fi Dungeon Crawler
Platform: PC/Mac
Language/Engine: GML - GameMaker

Looking for a Coder

  • Solid understanding of game logic. // Fluent in C++ // Willing to work with GML
  • Creative, willing to contribute in other fields as well.
  • Must be residing in Moscow.
  • Age: 21+ 

  • Goals

    The main goal of the team is to design and prototype the aforementioned game under three months and to create a *compelling* playable demo under six months. The secondary goal for all team members is to improve their skillsets in their respective fields.


    1) There are no game developer veterans in the team, so you don't need to be a professional in this field. However it's necessary for you to have a programming & gaming background so you can easily fit in the team.
    2) You need to be willing to learn new things and you need to respect milestones. This means; you should be able to work with deadlines. "Self-discipline is more important than motivation."
    3) You need to allocate sufficient hours into this project. (You may be working/studying, -we all do- but we need to get things done.)


    1) You'll gain experience in many different fields while working with a global team.
    2) You'll be partnered equally with other team members when it hits the commercialisation stage.

    The Team

    We are all professionals working full-time in different fields (mostly creative fields), what brings us together is our gaming background. We are passionate about games and we want to improve ourselves while trying to create a well-designed and managed project.

    I'm the lead designer of this project, my roles are: Story, Sound design, Jr. 2D Graphics Designer / Animator.
    Another member is currently working as: Sr. Graphics Designer / Animator / Concept Artist.
    Another member is currently working as: Marketing, Funding, Management, Legal.

    How to Apply?
    1) Tell us about yourself & background.
    2) Tell us about why you think you'd be good for this project.
    3) Send it to


    Тема в архиве.