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Skype: f.yuliy
- Unity3d
- Flash/Flex, Away3D, Alternativa3D, nd2d, Flare3D
- С/C++, .NET, STL, DirectX, OpenGL, XNA, HLSL, Win32Api, GDI/GDI++, Visual Basic
- Havok, PhysX, RenderWare, Ogre, Torque, HDE, Box2D, AGG
- MySQL, FastDB, Access
- Lua
- AI algoritms

1. july 2012 - march 2013  : Unity3d(C#): game on facebook: horses race : http://iracesocial.com/, link to game: https://www.facebook.com/BlazingSilks
2. desember 2011 – july 2012: Unity3d(C#): created real-time shooter with multiplayers, mobs AI, in future will be on-line MMO: http://crazyboats.net or http://bota2.com/
3. fabruary 2011 – desember 2011 : «SibGum»  company (http://sibgam.ru/), created on-line games on Flash: AS3 used engine Away3D/Alternative, works in Flash          Builder 4.6, Role: create engine of game(client part)
4. desember 2007 – january 2011 : AirSimmer company (http://www.airsimmer.com) – created aircraft simulator Airbus А320. Lead programmer. Created a product and          several updates.  Development in: MVS, С++, libraries of FS9 and graphic engine: AGG (http://antigrain.com/)
5. october, november - 2007  Realmware Corporation (http://www.visual3d.net) Program on C# , XNA. Wrote game render.
6. october 2005 - september 2007 : MadSick Entertainment. Post: programmers, game development
      Functional duty: worked in  Microsoft Visual Studio, on: С++(STL), using Win API32, creates programs for games: level creators, other,          works with game engines: Havok 2.3, RenderWare 3.7
7. march 2004 – september 2005 : Manager in web studio to creation sites. Functional duty: making technical tasks by sites, manage web programmers, designers,          maker-ups. Conducted projects from start to end. To write Flash components for sites. Creates more 20th full projects, such as:            www.korop-club.com www.uspih.org  www.wgvgem.com  www.armageddon.net.ua  www.anna-dent.kiev.ua  larets.com.ua            humandesign.org.ua
8. 2005 : took part at indy game project(hidden objects: "Bee Party") sell on http://www.bigfishgames.com
9. october 2002 - march 2004 EMANUIL company(http://www.emmanuil.tv/).  Post: flash programmer, software engineering. Created collection of little game for          www.robik.tv and other sites.

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