Linda aka Methelina MacGill (Shadow Builder)

Shadow Builder: Linda aka Methelina MacGill




Bug-Zen Team.
Founder. Generalist

Crytek GmbH.
2D-3D Artist. Freelance.
Project Crysis 2 (FPS)

Gaijin Entertainment/Targem Games.
Tech-Art director.
Project CrossOut (MMOFPS)

BitBox Ltd.
Game designer, VFX Supervisor. Writer
Project Life Is Feudal (MMORPG, Sandbox)

Lofi games.
3D Artist. VFX Supervisor. Writer
Project Kenshi (Sandbox squad-based RPG\RTS)

Cascadia Team
3D Artist.
Project Fallout: Cascadia

Dark Crystal Games
VFX/GFX Advicer
Project Encased

Fenrir Studios.
3d Artist. Shader artist
Project Dark Storm (Tactical Stealth Action)

Fonline team.
2d art, plot, sound FX, cutscane scenarist and editor.
Project Fallout Online: Project FOnline (MMORPG)

Wandering Samurai Studios.
3d-2d artist.
Project MechWarrior: Living Legends (WarFare MMO FPS)

Westwood 3DHub/Final Warrior Production.
2D-3D Artist. Designer.
Project The Dune: War of Assasins (FPS\RTS)

2d-3d Artist. Writer. Game designer.
Project Dreams Gate (Sandbox, Life Sim)

Grue Games.
Game Designer. 2d-3d art. Freelance
Freelance For nameless employers and just for fun! Like a game modding

1. HQ 3d assets. Character, Weapons and stuff (not environment XD )
2. SFX
3. Concept art
4. Main Game design
5. Interactivity systems, algo
6. MB some code? (Rare)
7. Render\Visual technologies - R&D and VFX

Things i can do:
1) 3d models (Mesh, Textures)
2) Concept art
3) Plot (Main plot, epsiodes, concepts and details, scripts for actions )
4) Sound FX (weapon, technics)
5) Omni design (All that i find as interesting to do outside this list.
6) Translate (text from english to ruissian and back!)

Things i can't do:
1) Rigging, animation (Just learning)
2) Low-level coding

Activity level and contacts:
Outsourcing only,
every day, about 20 hours per day (desktop, notebook, office)

Discord: Linda#7591
Trillian: Methelina

Взаимные друзья: quyse, Mephisto std

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